archive: SETI n1yvv gave presentation:)

SETI n1yvv gave presentation:)

David Ocame ( )
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 21:55:40 -0400


Sorry it took me so long to report on my presentation to the Shore Point
Amateur Radio Club last Monday. I was hoping to have the pics that Paul
requested by now. When they become available I will send a link that
will take you to them and you can download them to the SETI-L website.

The presentation itself was a real success. I think I did a fairly good
job. But the ones who did really great were my audience. They asked a
lot of really great questions! Of course some of them I couldn't answer.
So I directed them to check out the website. Many also took brochures
and more than one said they "...might just have to join..."!

Since time was limited, I was asked if I could come back and give
another presetation - to which I agreed.

BTW, Paul, I was asked about the time and place where the observation
took place that appears in the brochure. The one that says "...and
sometimes the unexpected..."? I couldn't give any details since I didn't
know, but I said I would try to find out.

Anyway, I think it was a good first time for me (talking about SETI.
I've spoken on other subjects before:)

That's all for now. I'll follow up with more later.


P.S. Be on the look out for more postings regarding the upcoming
deadline for nominations for the Bruno Award! I'm compiling a list of
candidates that I think warrant consideration and I'll be asking for
your opinions and additions!