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Re: SETI FW: An alien perspective - [acc-list] OctoMarx

Andy Wallace ( )
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 11:38:03 -0500


I agree. You have a terrific web site--I have found some kindred souls
and feel a little silly about my simplistic musings.

Best, Andy

Chris Boyce wrote:
> Andy,
> Agreed that ETIs are more likely to be hundreds of millions of years
> beyond us on average with technologies "indistinguishable from magic". That
> said, I don't imagine their social existence to be anything less than
> complex beyond our present abilities to comprehend - but not utopian; all
> living things make mistakes and I don't see why we should exclude them.
> Intellect, perception and comprehension not withstanding they're as likely
> as any other lifeform to have a history of blunders and horrific
> misunderstandings, so I personally don't see them turning up their noses
> [snouts, antennae, feelers - whatever] and sneering at H sap's hubristic
> exercises in advanced idiocy.
> Chris Boyce
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