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Andy Wallace ( )
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 13:01:41 -0500


I wonder what an alien civilization would think of a society that spends
billions of $'s on weapons, billions on religious "temples", billions on
various pursuits of pleasure of one kind or another, billions on
incarcerating those who indulge in pleasures that are not "politically
correct"-read illegal drugs which are largely natural substances and do
far less damage that legal tobacco or alcohol and yet allows millions of
children around the world to starve?? Just possibly, we might be seen as


Larry Klaes wrote:
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> From: Carlos Cardoso

> Termites, ants and bees (what a strange word) do it all the time. Nobody
> complains, not even the queens. If an evolved termite society (An old ACC
> tale... the "I will give them fire" makes me shivver in emotion) contact us,
> what right do we have to judge their behaviour?
> A lot of our own habbits may be seen as barbaric by outside societies. Even
> my tabasco-sauced white rice is seen as a barbaric and alien thing by my
> girlfriend ;)
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