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SETI FW: An alien perspective - [acc-list] OctoMarx

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From: Carlos Cardoso
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> That baffled me too, I think what they were trying to show was that the
> "subversive" Octos were meaning that the "normal" Octos were repressing
> other species. I took it as being the only area in the Octo Society where
> freedom of speech could arise (because they had hormones) The rest of the

Hey hey hey hey hey.... don't fall in the ever-returning trap.

You're thinking in human terms. Try to not do it for a moment (pretend
your're a used car salesman or a lawyer) ;).

the octos CAN NOT be judged in human terms. Is it ok to get a girl, lock her
in a dark room, inseminate the poor lady and let her give life to children
all her life, until she gets too old, then kick her out, letting her die in
the wilderness?

Termites, ants and bees (what a strange word) do it all the time. Nobody
complains, not even the queens. If an evolved termite society (An old ACC
tale... the "I will give them fire" makes me shivver in emotion) contact us,
what right do we have to judge their behaviour?

A lot of our own habbits may be seen as barbaric by outside societies. Even
my tabasco-sauced white rice is seen as a barbaric and alien thing by my
girlfriend ;)

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