archive: SETI (Radiotelescopes) Project Argus and possibilities of common

SETI (Radiotelescopes) Project Argus and possibilities of common

Nico L. ( (no email) )
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 15:36:47 +0200

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Hi SETIzens and RadioAstronomers !

I'm downloading pages and radiosky publishing,
but I have not yet found (I hope to find it) what I'm looking for:

there are a lot people who wish to partecipate to Project Argus
and / or seti@home.
It's well known that setileague needs funds for continuing their activities.
I think also that a lot of small radiotelescope all over the world be a
good think.
But there is a question that may not be solved or it may be diffucult
for all partecipants.
>From one side we have amateurs radioastronomers who have the possibility
to build circuits, to make calculations and adjust their own receivers, ect.
On the other side we have a lot of people who whis to partecipate but
have not the posibility to learn concepts about electronics, or it takes a lot
of time for building radiotelescopes.

Have you ever thought to sell - ready made - radiotelescopes ?
All over the world there are a lot of vendors of telescopes,
but I don't know about radiotelescopes vendors.
I found a lot of components, books, and explanations for doing
amateur radiotelescopes, but never a vendor.

Why SETI doesn't try for this possibility ?
I think that be an useful thing, and funds for developing / selling
radiotelescopes ?

There are a lot of amateur organizations which could partecipate
to build radiotelescopes for selling them and destinate funds
for setileague.

what do you think about this ?

Nico Lonetti - ITALY

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in attach the Project Argus

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What Is Project Argus?

Perhaps the most ambitious radio astronomy project ever undertaken without
Government equipment or funding, Project Argus is an effort to deploy and
coordinate roughly 5,000 small radiotelescopes around the world, in an
all-sky survey for microwave signals of possible intelligent
extra-terrestrial origin. When fully operational,
Project Argus will provide the first ever continuous monitoring of
the entire sky, in all directions in real time.

Project Argus, named after the all-seeing Greek guard-being with 100
eyes, is a key effort of The SETI League, Inc., a membership supported,
non-profit [501(c)(3)], educational and scientific corporation.
The League was established in 1994 to further the scientific
Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). The SETI League
is currently developing the necessary hardware, software, protocols
and procedures for distribution to its members worldwide.
The search phase of Project Argus began with five operational
radiotelescopes on Earth Day, April 21, 1996.
Individual research grade radiotelescopes can view only a small
fraction of the sky at a given time, typically on the order of
one part in a million. All-sky coverage with these instruments
would thus require a million telescopes, each at a cost of several
million dollars.
Project Argus will employ much smaller, quite inexpensive amateur
radiotelescopes, built and operated by SETI League members at their
individual expense.
A typical amateur radiotelescope can be built for from a few hundred
to a few thousand dollars, depending upon the expertise of the builder.
Only five thousand of these smaller instruments are necessary to provide
full sky coverage. The equipment, although of modest sensitivity,
will still be capable of detecting microwave radiation from
technologically advanced civilizations out to a distance of several
hundred light years.