SETI bioastro: Happy 150th, Nikola Tesla - July 10

Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 19:18:42 PDT

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    Some interesting links here:

    To make the connection with astronomy, Tesla was convinced that
    radio waves could be used to communicate with beings on other planets,
    especially that favorite of his era, Mars. He even tried it several times,
    plus he also suggested using a series of flashing lights to communicate
    with the Martians.

    Tesla also believed he had picked up radio signals from ETI, but scientists
    think he had detected what radio experts now call whistlers, low frequency
    radio waves generated by lightning. He may have also inadvertently picked
    up Jupiter's natural radio signals at times, which were not "officially"
    recognized as such until 1955.

    Articles online:

    Corum, K. L., J. F. Corum, "The Electrical Signals of Planetary Origins

    Tesla, Nikola, "Talking with Planets". Collier's Weekly, February 19, 1901

    "The thought flashed through my mind that the disturbances I had observed
    might be due to intelligent control . . . The feeling is constantly growing
    on me
    that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another."

    - Nikola Tesla, 1899

    "I think that nothing can be more important that interplanetary
    It will certainly come some day and the certitude that there are other human
    beings in the universe...will produce a magic effect on mankind."

    Plus there is a farside lunar crater and a planetoid named in his honor.


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