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Date: Wed Dec 24 2003 - 09:19:31 PST

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    Subject: Mars Express and SMART-1

    Tuesday, 23-Dec-2003

    Latest news from ESA Science and Technology web site

    Two of ESA's success stories from 2003 are continuing with their respective journeys of discovery.

    The Mars Express spacecraft having jetisoned the Beagle 2 probe is on course for an orbit insertion manoeuvre on early Christmas Day. The probe itself is set to land on the planet at the same time. For the latest news over the Christmas period visit

    One of the Mars Express team members has produced a light hearted look at the story of the mission. Have a look at his work on

    The SMART-1 spacecraft meanwhile continues to steadily make progress towards the Moon. In the past week the ion drive has been fired continuously for in excess of 60 hours - a new record for the spacecraft. For the latest Status Report go to

    It is hoped that the launch of the first of the two joint Chinese Double Star spacecraft will take place before the end of the year. A number of events relating to this, and the Cluster mission, have been added to the calendar of events.

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