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    Earthline planets could be common
    in the universe Dec. 11, 2003
    New research indicates Earthlike
    planets might be common. In 44
    computer simulations of planet
    formation near a sun, astronomers
    found that each simulation produced
    one to four Earthlike planets,
    including 11 "habitable" planets
    about the same distance from their
    stars as Earth is from our sun....

    Bee behavior suggests biologically
    inspired designs for robots and
    computers. Dec. 10, 2003
    Georgia Tech researchers are
    gathering data on the behavior of
    bees and ants using a computer
    vision system that can recognize
    which marked bee is doing which job.
    The research could have implications
    for biologically inspired design of
    robots and computers. Tracked bees
    could help design...

    Self-assembling magnetic nanorings
    allow for nonvolatile memory Dec. 11, 2003
    A Purdue research team has created
    tiny magnetic "nanorings" less than
    100 nanometers across that can store
    information at room temperature,
    using magnetic cobalt nanoparticles
    that self-assemble. The nanorings'
    magnetic flux can be oriented
    clockwise or counterclockwise to
    represent binary...

    Light 'frozen' in its tracks news Dec. 10, 2003
    Harvard University researchers have
    stopped light with all its photons
    intact for the first time by firing
    a short burst of red laser light
    into a gas of hot rubidium atoms.
    This is then "frozen" with the help
    of two control beams. The light in
    the control beams interacts with the

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