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    Researchers create nanotube fibers Dec.9, 2003
    Researchers at Rice University have
    discovered how to create continuous
    fibers from single-walled carbon
    nanotubes. Scientists estimate
    nanotubes are about 100 times
    stronger than steel at one-sixth the
    weight. By comparison, Kevlar -- the
    fiber used in bulletproof body armor
    -- is about five...

    U.S. official calls for closer
    cooperation on nanotechnology
    EE Times Dec. 9, 2003
    Joseph Bordogna, deputy director of
    the National Science Foundation,
    called for closer cooperation
    between the scientific and
    engineering research communities on
    nanotechnology development to create
    "nano transformations" in all
    scientific and social...

    NEC claims world's smallest
    CNETAsia Dec. 19, 2003
    NEC said it has developed the
    world's smallest transistor, a
    breakthrough that could lead to the
    production of a supercomputer the
    size of a desktop PC. The design is
    1/18th the size of current
    transistors and has a gate width of
    only 5 nanometers. A typical
    semiconductor chip will be able to...

    UN Predicts 9 Bln People by 2300,
    Many of Them Old
    Reuters Dec. 9, 2003
    The human race could have 9 billion
    people by 2300, Japanese will live
    to 108, and Africa's population will
    explode while Europeans could
    dwindle, the United Nations
    predicted. However, if fertility
    levels in the developing world
    remain at today's levels, the global
    population would reach 244...

    Humanity? Maybe It's in the Wiring
    New York Times Dec. 9, 2003
    The conscience or sense of free
    will may be located in spindle cells
    in the frontoinsular cortex of the
    brain, according to California
    Institute of Technology
    neuroscientist Dr. John M. Allman.
    This is a region closely connected
    to the insula and part of the same
    elaborate circuitry in which...

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