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    What's New at HowStuffWorks!
    December 08, 2003

    Hello, !

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    The AutoStuff Channel

      Ultimate Luxury - How Maybachs Work

      If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of the Maybach.
      It’s a luxury item that many of us will never see, let along buy
      – this car has more amenities than most nice homes. It’s an
      unbelievable driving machine complete with back-seat writing
      tables and an engine that can outperform the Corvette’s.

      Check out the Maybach.

    The ComputerStuff Channel

      When 10 Seconds is a Lifetime - How Cable Modems Work

      When speed matters, broadband is the only way to connect. Cable
      modems let you send and receive data using the lines already set
      up for cable TV, and it's a pretty intricate system. What are
      the pros and cons of this Internet connection?

      Learn how a cable modem hooks you up and how it compares
      performance-wise to DSL.

    The ElectronicsStuff Channel

      Flat-Out Entertainment - How Plasma Displays Work

      Think your living room isn't big enough to squeeze in a
      large-screen TV? The days of needing a mammoth room to suit your
      video needs are over. Plasma displays fit the components for a
      huge screen into a unit that's less than 6 inches deep.

      Learn what "plasma" is and see what's going on inside these
      amazingly flat displays.

    The EntertainmentStuff Channel

      NFL Players, In Their Own Words

      Ever wondered what it's like to play professional football? We
      did too, so we called up a few NFL players to find out. Takeo
      Spikes of the Bills, Carlos Emmons of the Eagles, Jonas Jennings
      of the Bills, Fred Beasley of the 49ers and Willie Anderson of
      the Bengals all weighed in on the game, the business and the
      life of football.

      Learn what these remarkable athletes are all about.

    The HealthStuff Channel

      River of Life - How Blood Works

      When you cut yourself accidentally, do you ever wonder what
      makes up this thing we call blood? Blood is the most commonly
      tested part of the body, and it is truly the river of life.
      Every cell in the body gets its nutrients from blood.

      Find out amazing things about this incredible fluid and the
      cells in it!


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    The HomeStuff Channel

      The Eating Experts - How Catering Works

      It's hard to pull off a wedding reception, bar mitzvah or just
      about any other dressy affair without calling in the caterers.
      In most cases, a formal event lives and dies by the talent and
      toil of these service professionals. Whether you're shopping
      around for the right caterer or you just love good food, this
      article will leave you full and satisfied. Learn all about
      the world of catering.

    The MoneyStuff Channel

      The Color of Money - How Currency Works

      When you hear the word "currency,” you probably think of the
      stuff in your wallet. But currency is really a very complex,
      fascinating aspect of human civilization. Especially these days,
      the value of money is utterly arbitrary -- did you know that
      there is no currency left that is actually backed by gold?

      Find out all about these symbols of financial value.

    The PeopleStuff Channel

      International Wellness - How the World Health Organization Works

      The World Health Organization is the first ever global health
      initiative, and its goals are not to be taken lightly:
      eradicating disease, promoting healthy living conditions and
      overseeing the general welfare of people all over the world.

      Learn about this significant arm of the United Nations.

    The ScienceStuff Channel

      Voltage Vault - How Capacitors Work

      The capacitor plays a crucial role in electronics -- it stores
      electrons for when they're needed most. Consider an electronic
      flash on a camera -- the battery charges up the flash's
      capacitor over several seconds, and then the capacitor
      immediately dumps the full charge into the flash tube to produce
      an incredible burst of light.

      Find out about this basic electrical component.

    The TravelStuff Channel

      Clocking in Above the Clouds - How Airline Crews Work

      Being an airline crew member can be tiring and frustrating, but
      it is rarely boring. In an office that cruises a mile or more
      above the ground, these people have to deal with a huge variety
      of situations -- medical emergencies, angry passengers, flight

      Find out how an airline crew gets you from gate to gate.

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    Randall Rodgers said: Your site is the best! I cannot believe that
    your site has provided me with the intracacies of the fire and the
    biological effects of marijuana; two totally unrelated and
    complicated topics explained extremely well. Excellent work!

    [Editor's Note: Check out both of these articles! See How Fire Works
    at and How Marijuana Works at]

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