SETI bioastro: What if ETI are hostile and exoplanets near galactic center?

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Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 07:36:46 PST

* Runaway Growth: Possible Origin for Supermassive Black Holes

A growing understanding of the missing link in the chain of black hole evolution may soon help astronomers sort out how stars evolve and how galaxies, in general, are built.

* Will ET Be Hostile? Alienated People Are More Likely to Say 'Yes'

Astronomer Frank Drake, the Father of SETI, has argued that ET will likely be altruistic, rather than malevolent. Drake reasons that if extraterrestrials are hostile, then their civilizations won't last very long, and we're unlikely to make contact with them. Only extraterrestrials with a long-lasting, stable society will be around long enough to be detected by our SETI programs.

* Several Extrasolar Planets Suspected Near Center of Galaxy

Newly released and unconfirmed data from a survey of several thousand stars near the center of our galaxy indicates that dozens have objects orbiting them, some of which may be planets.


Today in Missions/Launches:

* An 'Amazed' John Glenn Chats with Space Station Crew

Pioneering U.S. rocket rider John Glenn chatted with the International Space Station crew Wednesday, saying the advances the human race has made in orbit during the past 40 years astound him.

* Spacewalkers Finish Odd Jobs Amid Anniversary Nod to John Glenn

Two U.S. spacewalkers ambled through a series of odd jobs outside the International Space Station Wednesday, taking time to mark the 40th anniversary of John Glenn's groundbreaking flight into space.

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