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From: Helen Lancaster (
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 06:10:47 PST

Dear Reader

Cambridge University Press is pleased to announce the launch of the
International Journal of Astrobiology, which will soon be available online
at the Cambridge Journals Online site

The journal aims to become a major forum for the study of astrobiology and
will publish peer-reviewed research papers, review articles, book reviews
and news of interest to the astrobiology community.


* Cosmic prebiotic chemistry
* Planetary evolution
* Search for planetary systems and habitable zones
* Origins, evolution and distribution of life
* Extremophile biology and experimental simulation of extraterrestrial
* Life detection in our solar system and beyond
* Technologies and space missions for astrobiology and planetary protection
* Human expansion, ecosystems and life support beyond Earth
* Intelligent life and societal aspects of astrobiology

We would like to offer you free online access to selected articles from the
first issue of International Journal of Astrobiology as soon as they are
available online. Please email if you are
interested in finding out more about this. We will notify you when the
first issue is online, and explain how you can access the free sample
articles (available for a limited period of time).

Papers and contributions are now being accepted by the Managing Editor, Dr
Simon Mitton. For submission details, please visit

Alternatively, you can write to: Dr Simon Mitton, Cambridge University
Press, The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK

Volume 1 in 2002: January, April, July and October
Institutions print and electronic: 120/$180
Institutions electronic only: 112/$168
Individuals print plus electronic: 50/$75
Print ISSN 1473-5504

TO SUBSCRIBE: Please contact Journals Customer Services.
Orders in North America, Canada and Mexico
Tel: (914) 937 4712

Orders elsewhere
Tel: +44 (0)1223 326070

Please email with any queries.

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