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No. 123, 16 February 2002
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How do you win an Olympic medal? Ask an economist...

To deflect an asteroid, take your aim carefully

Heart of darkness: the Sun has a secret

Would you agree to be painted on the operating table?

Delaying childbirth increases breast cancer risk

Hi-fi experts usually insist on the best speakers which at the top of
the range can set you back as much as 30,000 a pair. But the more
"financially challenged" among us may be willing to compromise somewhat
on sound quality. New Scientist takes a look at a new build-it-yourself,
flat-pack loudspeaker...made out of cardboard...


Swim at Home & Stay Fit For Life.
Introducing the Endless Pool, a revolution in home health, fitness and
fun. Now you can enjoy all the fitness benefits of swimming in a
professional quality lap pool, year round, right at home?
Endless Pool's compact 8' x 15' modular design fits into existing spaces
such as basements, garages, enclosed porches, or patios. Now you can
swim at home everyday and never deal with crowded pools and heavy
chlorine! It's easy to install and an affordable way to make swimming a
part of your exercise routine.

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Copyleft: The Great Giveaway
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