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Subject: Cornell News: Mars Rover model

Student-built Mars Rover vehicle gets first showing at library Saturday

FOR RELEASE: Feb. 7, 2002

Contact: David Brand
Office: 607-255-3651

ITHACA, N.Y. -- The Mars Rover will be rolled out for the first time
on Saturday in Ithaca.

Not the real Mars Exploration Rover (MER), two of which will roam and
study the surface of Mars in 2004, but a full-scale replica of a MER
and its scientific instruments, made out of wood, plastic and

The model will be unveiled Saturday, Feb. 9, at 2 p.m. in Tompkins
County Public Library, Ithaca.

Steven Squyres, Cornell University professor of astronomy, is the
principal investigator on the Athena science payload to be carried by
the long-range rovers. For much of the past year, students working
with Squyres have been building the full-size model. The folding
solar-panel "deck" of the MER has a span of nearly 8 feet by more
than 5 feet, and the height from the wheels to the top of the tallest
instrument is nearly 5 feet.

Some of the students will be at the library with Diane Sherman,
Athena project coordinator at Cornell's Department of Astronomy, to
explain how the MER works and how the NASA mission will deliver it to
Mars, as well as some of the information mission scientists hope to
learn from the science instruments MER will carry.

Sherman also will show a computer-generated video created by recent
Cornell graduate Daniel Maas that dramatizes the mission with
startling accuracy.

The students who built the MER model include Ithaca College freshman
Emily Dean; from Cornell, Phil Chu, mechanical and aerospace
engineering (MAE) '02; Renee Hillaire, MAE '02; team leader Miles
Johnson, MAE '02; Heather Arneson, MAE '02; and Matt Siegler,
physics/film '03.


The web version of this release may be found at

Cornell University News Service
Surge 3
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

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