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Date: Wed Dec 25 2002 - 19:51:46 PST

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Subject: "Pro-Peace Actions for this Week"

Happy holidays to all our friends in the Circle. This is our last
announcement/alert of 2002! We are leaving you this year with good news
about the war toys at JC Penney, and information on a great women's vigil
happening in Washington DC.

1. Follow up on JC Penney toys..."Forward Command Post"

2. Women's Peace Vigil in Washington D.C.

Message 1: Follow up on JC Penney toys..."Forward Command Post"

Thank You to all who complained to JC Penney!! It is a tremendous victory
to have them discontinue "Forward Command Post", the bombed out house with
the proud American soldier. The product was selling and had been placed on
back order. It is discouraging that people were actually buying this "Toy".
According to a JC Penney Customer Service Rep., the back orders have now
been cancelled.

Voicing our opposition to the sale of this toy created significant impact
and helped make a difference. We can all feel proud that we used our power
in a very positive manner to convince J C Penney's to stop selling this toy.
Check out Voice4Change for more information on how you can continue to help
make a difference surrounding this issue.

Message 2: Women's Peace Vigil in Washington D.C.

This announcement was sent by the Women's Peace Vigil in Washington D.C.
The women who are sitting vigil in Lafayette Park will be there until
International Women's Day on March 8th. They are doing a great job getting
some attention, reminding us that many Americans speak a voice of peace.

Since November 17, women have been outside the White House with banners and
petitions from 9am-5 pm, seven days a week‹come rain, snow or sunshine. This
vigil is the country¹s only daily show of protest in our nation¹s capitol,
where the decision to go to war or not will be made.

This effort is indeed making a difference! Leaders in the government and the
press are taking notice of the women taking to the streets. They have
appeared on CBS Nightly News, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, the Washington Post,
NPR and local newspapers and radio around the country. Even the Secret
Service has assured that their presence is "having an impact"! Everyday
people, from cabdrivers to teachers to veterans, praise them continually,
for their efforts.

Dressed in their signature Pink (Code Pink is a women¹s call for compassion
and nurturing life as opposed to Bush¹s Code Red military response), they
are becoming known all over town as the "pink ladies." (The other day while
talking to Bush¹s senior advisor Karl Rove, he said, "Oh yes, I know you
ladies in pink. You¹re everywhere!") Code Pink solidarity fasts and vigils
are indeed springing up around the country, from the big cities like Los
Angeles and New York to towns like Sarasota, and McLean, Virginia.

> Now it¹s your turn to be part of this amazing vigil. Visit for an hour, a
day, a week or a month. Help them organize the week of actions that will
mark the end of the vigil on March 8, International Women¹s Day. Hang out
with a supportive community of organizers and activists. Use your energy and
creativity to build the peace movement. MAKE HISTORY BY STOPPING A WAR

Contact the Women¹s Peace Vigil at or call
202-303-5016. For more information, visit and

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