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Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 08:23:55 PST

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Subject: Eames Office Newsletter, December 2002

Eames Office Newsletter
December 2002

Dear Friend of the Eames House,

I know this is a crazy and busy time of year and we all have a lot on
our minds. But I'd like to add one more thing that is quite
important to me and I believe to you.

We need your help. Our new neighbors up the hill (northwest along
PCH) are planning to build a new house on the same lot where a
previous house had fallen down the cliff during the 1994 Northridge

This house will be 24,000 square feet (according to their
proposal--roughly 2400 square meters for our metric friends). It has
been described as being one story tall, but that one story is 24 feet
tall, not including the parapets which go a bit higher. In addition,
a 12-foot tall basement is partially embedded in the ground. From
examining the blueprints and photographs of the model, it looks like
this "one story" house will have at least one side that is 36 feet
tall. Unfortunately, this side is about 15 or so feet from our
property line and will probably be visible from the Eames House
patio, and definitely from the meadow of the Eames House. If you have
visited the Eames House, you know how essential the natural
environment is to the experience of the Eames House. Charles and Ray
built with utter respect and sensitivity to the meadow and to the
natural world. It would be beyond ironic if their home were loomed
over by this faux Tuscan villa.

The Eames House and Grounds are listed as cultural/historical
monuments of the County of Los Angeles. It is significant that both
the house and its magical grounds are listed together. I can't do
justice to the beauty of the Eames House in this brief letter, so let
me just add that it is and remains one of the most magical
intersections of man and nature on Earth and therefore we could
really use your help in preserving the esthetic experience of this
special place.

There will be a hearing this Thursday, December 19th at 2:00 p.m. My
hope is that at that hearing, the Zoning Adminstrator and our new
neighbors can be educated about the importance of not harming the
Eames House, or the grounds visually, geologically or in any other

Fortunately, within their proposed plans is a potential solution.
They have placed their landscaping and garden on the Northwest side
of the property. In addition to scaling back the size of the home a
bit, it could be a relatively simple matter to switch that
landscaping to the southeastern portion of the property which would
add to the setback making the house no longer visible from the ground
of the Eames House. We also have some concerns about geologic
stability, drainage, and house size relative to the existing homes
and neighborhood. As a friend/visitor of the Eames House, you may
already have had your own unique experience of being here, and I am
asking you to communicate effectively about the special nature of the
Eames House and its value to world culture and architectural history.

How can you help?
The Public Hearing regarding this new construction will be held this
Thursday, December 19th, at 2:00 at 1645 Corinth, Second Floor
Hearing Room, in West LA. Please feel free to show up (call ahead to
see if you need a parking permit (so as not to be late) and speak
(you get 2 minutes). You need to get there a few minutes earlier
than the hearing itself so as to sign up on a list of speakers. I do
recognize how difficult it may be to get to the hearing personally,
especially if you are out of town soooooooooooooo:

Please fax a letter with your supportive comments to

  Daniel Green
  Zoning Administrator
  FAX 213-978-1334

  Please reference case: ZA2001-0196

  When you write, please bear in mind a couple of things:

  1) Mr. Green is a neutral party. However passionately we may all
feel on the issue, Mr. Green has an obligation to hold this hearing.
  2) Our new neighbors are within their rights to develop their
property safely and appropriately.
  3) Please write respectfully.
  4) The Eames House is private land owned by the Eames family. We
are not a foundation or a public park. When you visited the Eames
House you were a guest of Lucia Eames, Charles' daughter. (I mention
this point because public land is different from private land from a
preservation standpoint.)

In your letter you may want to focus on the historic and aesthetic
nature of the Eames House and the rest of the Case Study neighborhood
(the Entenza House, the Bailey House, the Walker
House, and the "lost" Neutra House) and its unique qualities. But
above all, write from the heart and write soon!

  Also: If you write, please fax us a copy at 310/454-4413 so we know
what was sent.

  Or, drop it off/send it to the gallery
  Eames Office Gallery & Store
  2665 Main Street
  Santa Monica, CA 90405

On another note, while it is coming to the end of another great year,
you have a few days left to see the Powers of Ten Show in San
Francisco, the Legacy of Invention show in Milan, and the 3-D photo
show of Charles and Ray's work at the Gallery. It would be a great
gift to yourself to experience Charles and Ray's work.

On behalf of my mother Lucia Eames and my entire family, I wish you
happy holidays and thanks in advance for any help you might give us
in protecting our family's home.


Eames Demetrios

Travelling? Here in Los Angeles we have an exhibit of 3-D
photography by Charles and Ray at our gallery. If you are in San
Francisco, please visit our latest incarnation of the Powers of Ten
show at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. And
the Library of Congress/Vitra Design Museum Eames show is in Milan at
the Trienalle. And even if you are not travelling, I hope you'll
check out my new book, An Eames Primer. There are copies in the
gallery in Santa Monica and a chapter online at

The Library of Congress/VITRA exhibition in Milan, Italy.
La Triennale di Milano, Palazzo dell Arte, Via Alemagna, 6.
September 23 2002 through January 05 2003

Site-specific images integrated with classic Powers of Ten images
California Academy of Sciences Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA
June 29 2002 through January 5, 2003

3-D PHOTO EXHIBITION: "to recognize an instant and not let it pass"
Stereoscopic photos taken in the 1950s by Charles and Ray Eames
Eames Office Gallery & Store 2665 Main Street Santa Monica
Through December 31 2002

A traveling exhibition curated by Independent Curators International
exploring our existence on Earth includes the classic Eames film,
Powers of Ten.
Gemeentemuseum Helmond
Helmond, Holland
October 5 2002 through January 5 2003
Eames Office

The Eames Office is dedicated to communicating, preserving, and
extending the work of Charles and Ray Eames.

Copyright 2002
Lucia Eames dba Eames office. For personal use only. You may feel
free to forward it to your friends in its entirety.

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