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Date: Sat Dec 07 2002 - 11:37:33 PST

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Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2002 12:13 AM
Subject: Presents Brand New Starry Night 4.X

If you're fascinated by the night sky or know someone who is, we're
about to make your search for the ideal holiday gift a whole lot
easier. Our just released Starry Night 4.X provides the world's most
realistic desktop astronomy experience. It's available in two new
versions, making your choice perfect for gift giving or personal use.
And, it's Windows/Mac compatible!

Find out why the New York Times says, "Starry Night is a beautifully
constructed desktop planetarium that is easy to learn." Available in
two versions, Starry Night Backyard 4.X and Starry Night Pro 4.X, is
available for purchase at:

If you or your recipient already owns an earlier Starry Night version,
it's easy to upgrade with just a few clicks at:

What's new in Version 4.X? A more realistic user interface, easier
navigation, movies on the solar system and beyond, enhanced star sets,
stunning OpenGLŪ supports high-performance 3D graphics, and more.

Both versions include a separate CD with 2 hours of compelling
multimedia videos and mini-documentaries and the Starry Night
Companion book, guiding you to understand the night sky using Starry
Night with over 200 pages.

Here are the details. Learn more at:

Starry Night Backyard 4.X provides REAL astronomy for the whole
family! See the sky from anywhere on Earth or blast-off and visit any
solar system body or any location up to 20,000 light years away. View
2,500,000 stars along with 170+ deep-space objects like galaxies, star
clusters and nebulae. Travel 15,000 years in time. Check out the view
from the International Space Station. See Jupiter from one of its

Starry Night Pro 4.X has everything the amateur astronomer or devoted
hobbyist needs to explore the heavens. View stunningly realistic star
fields from 350 million light-years out or from your own backyard.
Gain access to over 500 million celestial objects, including the
complete NGC/IC, PGC and dozens of other databases. Stunning OpenGLŪ
graphics support the 3D positions of 28,000 galaxies in the Tully
collection and navigate through the closest stars to us in 3D
perspective. Add images or build your own custom data sets. Graphing
tool allows you to predict eclipses and conjunctions. Add custom field
of view indicators to match your telescope eyepieces, binoculars or
CCD. Add a custom 360-degree photo of your own backyard. Track the
latest satellites, comets and asteroids, or control most popular
brands of computerized telescopes including Meade LX-200 and AutoStar
and the Celestron Nexstar series.

Visit ( for space news, information,
education, and entertainment and Space News Business Report
(, the International Source for Space
Business News.

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E-Mail Newsletter. and SPACE Software's Starry Night are
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