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Subject: Articles of Note & Is Parapsychology Science?

 Tracking the Bigfoot trackers
 By Phil Busse

 "Three concrete molds of large feet lie in the grass at the base of Richard
 Knoll's truck. They're about the size of a frying pan, and stand out
 distinctly against the dry, brown grass. Knoll says they are impressions
 left behind by Bigfoot as it walked alongside a riverbank somewhere in the
 dark recesses of the Pacific Northwest."

 The scarlet B
 By Kyle Mizokami

 "A few months ago, lonely and not meeting anyone in my current social
 circles, I posted a personal ad on a San Francisco community Web site. The
 ad, of course, made no mention of the invisible scarlet B I wear on my
 vested breast."

Magician to Open School for Magic

"A celebrated Indian illusionist who astonished spectators last year when
he made the Taj Mahal vanish for two minutes plans to start a school for
budding magicians."

Out of This World
Scientific American

"The sun, or perhaps some other star that warms intelligent beings
light-years from Earth, has set on a venerable English institution. After
half a century of inspired eccentricity, the British Flying Saucer Bureau
has closed the pod bay doors. It has ceased to be. It has expired. It is
pushing up crop circles. It is an ex-bureau. The reason: the bureau has
virtually stopped receiving reports of flying saucers."

Listening to Master Li
Montreal Gazette

"Suddenly I was about to behold Master Li. After a frustrating year
researching the Falun Gong movement, at last a breakthrough. It was
Saturday, May 19, and I was standing outside the hall of the Ottawa
Congress Centre, where a thousand Falun Gong practitioners - overwhelmingly
Chinese - sat in silk suits listening to fellow practitioners give their

Health care fraud prompts federal crackdown

"So-called recruiters drummed up business for two Chicago hospitals by
passing out cash and free cigarettes to residents of homeless shelters
willing to check in as patients, prosecutors say."

2 sentenced in church-run fraud
St. Petersburg Times

"Two former members of the Greater Ministries International Church who
admitted to helping bilk tens of millions of dollars from thousands of
victims were sentenced to prison Wednesday."

The Truth and the Hype of Hypnosis
By Michael R. Nash
Scientific American

""You are getting sleepy. Verrry sleepy ...""

Barry, I'd be grateful if you could pass this on to the confraternity in the
hopes of engendering some useful participation.


Greetings folks,

I've been involved with a bunch of people in the US who produce a
television show on the Great Questions of Science. The Closer to Truth
team is a good group, looking to debate some of the eternal verities, and
you might find their Web site ( of interest.

CTT has launched a major discussion on whether there is any science
to parapsychology, including involvement from a broad range of pro and
con and interested parties.

Closer to Truth ran a television programme on "What is
Parapsychology" with participation from Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin,
Charles Tart, Barry Beyerstein and James Trefil, with Robert Kuhn as
moderator. You can see this online, or read the transcript at:

CTT has now established a Hyperforum online discussion area which
they are hoping to use to provide some professional-level debate on the
issue, including some informed discussion of experimental protocols,
reasoned critiques etc. The Hyperforum is being moderated by Dr Jim
Bonomo, who has written a great introductory essay to get the ball
rolling. You can see how it's run at:

Ideally, we hope to see the HyperForum provide a useful place for
serious researchers to get some ideas, feedback, suggestions etc so
that people would gain some value in participating. It shouldn't be too
time-consuming and, judging from the other HyperForum run by CTT,
will be thought-provoking.

It's a good opportunity to have some informed debate on the issue
without it getting inundated in the inanities or abuse that plague so many
other would-be forums. At this point, there hasn't been much in the way
of good solid skeptical input, so I'd like to urge anyone with an interest
in this area to take a look at the site and help the discussion along.

All the best,
Vicki Hyde
Chair-entity, NZCSICOP

New Zealand Committee for Scientific Investigation
of Claims of the Paranormal Inc. (NZ Skeptics)
Box 29-492, Christchurch

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