SETI bioastro: Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Launch Update

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From: Larry Klaes (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 13:10:29 PDT

From: Charlene Anderson []
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 3:01 PM
To: planetarysociety
Subject: Solar Sail Launch Update


Dear Friend:

The spacecraft for the suborbital test flight of our Cosmos 1 solar sail is
now repaired and ready for launch. We're on track for the orbital test
flight late this year, but we will of course re-evaluate the schedule when
we have the results of the suborbital test.

As you may recall, the suborbital test was postponed when the spacecraft was
damaged during preflight check-out on April 9. Last month I led a Planetary
Society team to Russia to review progress on the repairs - which I'm pleased
to report have been completed. For a report on our findings and pictures of
both the damaged and repaired craft, please visit our website at

The spacecraft is now ready to go, but we still have to wait for the Russian
navy to assign a time slot for the submarine launch, which may be in
mid-July. We hope to be able to announce a firm date by the end of this

In other news, we were happy to learn that the A&E Network will broadcast a
documentary about Cosmos 1 sometime next year. Our primary sponsor, Cosmos
Studios, is producing the documentary.

Lou Friedman

P.S. We're still actively campaigning to save NASA's mission to Pluto. Even
though NASA has selected two proposals as worthy of further work, there is
no money in the budget for the mission. Every letter of support helps. If
you can, please visit and let Congress
know of your support for this crucial mission of discovery.

Charlene M. Anderson
Associate Director
The Planetary Society
office: 626-793-5100
fax: 626-793-5528

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