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Huge telescope's inventor receives top recognitions
By ERIC BERGER Houston Chronicle Science Writer

Bill Gordon didn't set out to build a telescope that would become an engineering marvel and the stuff of scientific legend, racking up countless astronomy firsts from detailed mapping of the moon, Venus and Mars to the discovery of planets outside the solar system.

Geologist's Melting Story of a Lost Civilization
By Guy Gugliotta
Washington Post

"It was Plato, around 360 B.C., who first described an ancient, exotic
island kingdom catastrophically buried beneath the sea when its
once-virtuous people angered the gods with their pronounced tilt toward sin
and corruption."

Burning Questions
by Robin Askew
Spike Magazine

"Enjoyed The Blair Witch Project? Then immerse yourself in this engrossing
and exhaustively researched true story from late 19th century Ireland. The
facts of the case are relatively straightforward: in 1895, 26-year-old
Bridget Cleary disappeared from her house in rural Tipperary. Local rumour
claimed that she had been taken by fairies to their fort of Kylenagranagh,
from where she would eventually emerge riding a white horse. But when her
badly burned body was recovered from a shallow grave a week later, her
husband Michael, father, aunt and four cousins were arrested. The
subsequent trial made headlines even in the London press."

Most Americans believe in the existence of angels, according to survey
By Thomas Hargrove
Scripps Howard News Service

"Americans overwhelmingly believe in the angels that heralded the birth of
Jesus 2000 years ago and think they still walk the Earth in these modern days."

Doctors, patients discuss higher power, healing
By Luis Fabregas

"With his tiny body ravaged by disease, the 8-year-old boy sat on his
hospital bed and prayed."

FDA investigating kava-kava
Institute of Food Technologists

"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating whether the use of
dietary supplements containing kava (also known as kava kava or Piper
methysticum) is associated with liver toxicity."

FTC Prohibits Marketers of Herbal Products and the "Zapper" from Making
Unsubstantiated Claims

"A Seattle couple who sold a variety of herbal products and an electrical
unit called the "Zapper" as a cure for such ailments as cancer, AIDS,
Alzheimer's, and diabetes are prohibited from making any claims that their
products are effective in treating or alleviating any disease or condition,
unless they have scientific evidence to support the claims, as part of a
settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC alleged in a
complaint filed in federal court that Western Dietary Products Co.
(Skookum), based in Blaine, Washington, and its owners marketed the "Zapper
Electrical Unit" and their "cure packages" as treatments and/or cures for
various serious diseases, and claimed that use of their herbal products
made surgery and chemotherapy unnecessary for persons with cancer. The FTC
complaint alleged that these claims were unsubstantiated."

Harry's on God's side
National Post

"If all goes according to plan, Pastor Jack Brock and his flock at the
Christ Community Church in Alamogordo, N.M., will ignite a "holy bonfire"
of Harry Potter books on Sunday. Mr. Brock says the books are "an
abomination to God," and are forcing Christian children to decide between
the baby Jesus and the books' child-wizard protagonist."

Not-So-Vast Conspiracies: A Review of Robert Alan Goldberg's Enemies Within
FindLaw's Writ

"In America society, conspiracy thinking is a time-honored tradition. For
those who subscribe to conspiracy theories - whether to explain not only
who shot President Kennedy in Dallas nearly 40 years ago but why, or to
account for the mysterious statues on Easter Island - events are connected
by causation rather than coincidence, intention rather than inadvertence,
and conspiracy rather than confusion or chaos. Now, with modern
technological developments ranging from the cinematic techniques that made
"JFK" such a beguiling movie to the rumor-spreading capacities of the
Internet, the examples of and possibilities for conspiracy thinking have
never been greater."

Local psychics offer clients glimpses of the future
John Ewoldt
Minneapolis Star Tribune Published Dec 27 2001

Call me a curious skeptic. As 2002 peeks around the corner, it's normal to wonder what the new year will bring. So I decided to check in with a local psychic and astrologer for enlightenment.

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