SETI bioastro: Earth's climate and oceans very different 500 MYA

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Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 06:35:04 PST


- Droplets in Salt Crystals Confirm Historic Ocean Changes

Baltimore - Dec 10, 2001 - Microscopic water droplets trapped inside ancient salt crystals have provided evidence supporting a radical theory that the chemical composition of Earth's oceans has changed over the past 500 million years.


- Scattered Clues To Climate Change

Paris (ESA) Dec 5, 2001 - A new way of using data from satellite-based radar is providing scientists with a unique insight into the effects of climate change on ice caps, plant life and land surface.

- Possibility of Abrupt Climate Change Needs Research and Attention

Washington - Dec. 11, 2001 - Most climate-change research has focused on gradual changes, such as the processes by which emissions of greenhouse gases lead to warming of the planet. But new evidence shows that periods of gradual change in Earth's past were punctuated by episodes of abrupt change, including temperature changes of about 10 degrees Celsius, or 18 degrees Fahrenheit, in only a decade in some places. Severe floods and droughts also marked periods of abrupt change.

- A Warmer World Awaits: Fact or Fiction?

Paris (ESA) Dec 10, 2001 - Record global temperatures, melting polar ice caps and glaciers, shorter winters, reduced snow cover, rising sea level, increased coastal flooding, more frequent hurricanes, dramatic shifts in the distribution of wildlife, vegetation and diseases, and changes in ocean currents.

- Methane Explosion Warmed The Prehistoric Earth, Possible Again

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