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Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 11:58:14 PDT



- Life Beyond Sol

Cameron Park - May 2, 2000 - Unless by some fluke of
life Europa hides a world of complex ocean dwelling
lifeforms, we will have to look beyond Sol to find
multi-celled life - let alone intelligence - on other
planets. In our ongoing series on Astrobiology 2000,
Bruce Moomaw reports on the latest in Exo World science,
and the hunt for terrestrial-like planets.

- Darwin's Soup And The Origins of Life

San Diego - May 3, 2000 - How did life originate on
Earth? What did the earliest primitive organisms
look like? Were they based on RNA, DNA, or on
something we would hardly recognize today? Is there
life elsewhere in the Universe?

- Microbes On Earth May Help Identify Exo Life

Champaign - May 2, 2000 - Evidence of life in Martian
meteorites or future rock samples from the Red Planet
may be easier to identify thanks to microbes living
in hot springs at Yellowstone National Park.

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