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I apologize for the long delay since my last update to the site - I just
posted some new Dawkins related material tonight (see below). April has been
a very busy month, and I have just returned from a family vacation. At this
point, I am almost caught up with pending emails.

The next few updates to the site will be for:

- "C" is for Creation (Thanks for forwarding creationism-education news
stories my way)
- Featured Book
- Featured Links

best wishes,


The items below were selected from the current Headlines:

Richard Dawkins interviewed on "The Connection" with Christopher Lydon.
"Science, Reason and Genetics", April 17, 2000. (RealAudio)

How do you wear your genes? by Richard Dawkins - "Scarcely a day goes by
without the papers breaking the news of some dramatic new gene. It's always
described as a gene "for" some very specific thing...". Evening Standard
Online, April 3, 2000

Leading figures in the world of intellect give their answers to three
Bragg-inspired questions: 1. Is Britain getting brighter? 2. Does TV reflect
this trend? 3. What do you watch on TV? (brief answers by Richard Dawkins)

The Cigarette-Smoking Skeptic Speaks (Oct, 99)

"THE GREEN ROOM with Dorian":
Listen to WFMU Live on the Web:
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