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Hi Spacers,

In today's edition of SpaceDaily we return to the
search for life that is fast developing into a whole
new field of science.

In addition we report on the latest in Mir's rescue
by a new breed of capitalists who are taking their
internet and telecom profits and reinvesting them
in an industry where the future growth prospects
are potentially astronomical!


Clarence Oxford
Managing Editor



- Life on Mars

Cameron Park - April 28, 2000 - In our continuing
series of Astrobiology reports, SpaceDaily's Bruce
Moomaw provides a detailed roundup on the latest
in the search for life on Mars as presented at the
First Astrobiology Science Conference. This report
is divided into two main sections

- Decoding Martian Life

- A 'Rocky Debate'

- Stardust Finds Organic Molecules

Garching - April 27, 2000 - The first in-situ
chemical analysis of interstellar dust particles
produces a puzzling result: These cosmic particles
consist mostly of 3-dimensionally cross-linked
organic macro-molecules.


- Mir Makes Successful Docking With Private Investors

Moscow (AFP) April 28, 2000 - An unmanned Russian
cargo spaceship successfully docked with the Mir
orbital space station Thursday, as part of an
unprecedented privately funded mission.

The Space Transportation Market: Evolution or Revolution?

Strasbourg, March 8, 2000 - Join a broad range of key players in the
space transportation business that are tackling this significant issue
at the upcoming 5th ISU Annual International Symposium, in Strasbourg,
France, 24 - 26 May 2000.


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