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From: Dr. H. Paul Shuch (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 12:48:42 PDT

Dear BioAstronomy enthusiasts,
        Some of you have been requesting an online means of contributing SETI
League membership dues, paying for membership premiums, or making
additional donations. I am pleased to announce that The SETI League can
now provide secure means for providing such support via the internet. is a payment processing service that allows you to contribute
by credit card via their secure web server. There is no charge to the
donor or the recipient for the use of this service. In fact, for a limited
time, users registering a credit card with PayPal can earn a $5 signup
bonus both for themselves and for their selected nonprofit (we hope that's
us!) PayPal is now linked from The SETI League website.
        Unfortunately, the PayPal service is at present only available to US
residents. Our supporters in other countries may use instead,
a nonprofit organization that exists to help other nonprofits! Their web
server is also secure, accepts credit card contributions to the selected
nonprofit, and will charge The SETI League only the bank's currency
exchange fees. is also linked from The SETI League's main page.
        I've just tested both of these services (contributing by my credit card
$10 to the SETI League via each of them) and am pleased to announce that
both systems seem to function smoothly. I thank you in advance for any
support which you choose to provide to The SETI League.
        All best, Paul
H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D., CFII, FBIS
Executive Director, The SETI League, Inc.
433 Liberty Street, PO Box 555
Little Ferry NJ 07643 USA
voice (201) 641-1770; fax (201) 641-1771
Project Argus station FN11LH

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