SETI bioastro: Boston NSS lecture on Compton GRO - May 4, 2000

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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 11:13:36 PDT

National Space Society (NSS) Boston May 4, 2000 Meeting

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May 4, 2000 - Jim Ryan, Co-Investigator, UNH, COMPTON GAMMA RAY OBSERVATORY
"The Legacy of the Compton Observatory"

Only a few NASA missions have accomplished what the Compton
Observatory has, that is, revolutionize a field of astrophysics or
astronomy. Before the launch of the mission in April 1991, the field
of gamma-ray astronomy consisted of low resolution, poorly controlled
or spotty observations of the sky. After only one or two years in
orbit our understanding of the gamma-ray Universe was radically
different, with old theories being discarded, new classes of emitting
objects being discovered and the full extent of the high-energy
Universe being recognized. Now at the premature end of the mission,
we review the nature and the magnitude of this change in our
understanding of the Universe.

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