SETI bioastro: Re: The Closing of Allegheny Observatory

From: Larry Klaes (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 13:10:12 PDT

So who can we contact to reverse this decision?
You know, power to the people and all that.

None of these Web sites make so much as a peep about
the closing. Ironically, the History page mentions
that the Allegheny Observatory will continue with its
search for extrasolar planets.


At 11:23 AM 04/25/2000 -0400, Terry.Trees@MSANET.COM wrote:

>It is our sad duty to pass along the news that Allegheny Observatory
>located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, perhaps the world's finest institute of
>astrometry, will soon be closing.
>A story was run in last Sunday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and can be seen at
>this URL:
>(If that does not work, go to the PG's Web site, scroll to
>the bottom of the page, and do a search for Roddy; the story was
>written by Dennis B. Roddy).
>Many of us in the astronomical community are shocked that Allegheny
>will cease to operate as a research facility. The cornerstone for the
>present observatory, under the guidance of John Brashear, was laid
>100 years ago, and a variety of important discoveries have been made
>since then. Many of the plates in the observatory's vault could
>contain countless discoveries waiting to be made if only funding can
>be found to carry on this work.
>In the 1960s, Nicholas E. Wagman, the observatory's director at the
>time, thwarted an attempt by the University of Pittsburgh to close
>Allegheny. There is no champion such as Nick Wagman this time; so we
>hope you can offer some support in a growing effort to keep the
>facility open. We fear once it is closed for good, it never will
>reopen. Tours by the public will become less and less popular since
>the observatory no longer will be operational.
>Research still can be done from ground-based observatories. It is
>imperative we keep Allegheny Observatory, a leader in its field,
>running at warp speed.
>Thank you for your time.
>Pete Zapadka and Terry Trees
>Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh Inc.
>Pete: (412) 279-0627
>Terry: (412) 967-3462

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