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Subject: Deadline For Solar System Educators Program Is May 19, 2000
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Are you an educator with experience teaching space science and teacher
If so, apply to become a Solar System Educator!

Solar System Educators Program


The mission of the NASA Space Science Enterprise is to chart the evolution
of the Universe from its origins to its destiny, and to understand its
galaxies, stars, planets and life. NASA's Solar System Exploration efforts
study the formation and evolution of the solar system and the Earth within
it; seek the origins of life and its existence beyond earth; and chart our
destiny in the solar system. Some of the questions that the Solar System
Exploration efforts address include:

What is the origin of the solar nebula and the forces that formed Earth and
the other planets?

What are the evolutionary processes that led to the diversity of the Solar
System and the uniqueness of Earth?

What are the planetary conditions required for the emergence of life?

Did life previously exist elsewhere in the Solar System?

What is the suitability of selected planets for human exploration?

What is the future habitability of Earth and other planets?

The goal of the Solar System Educators Program (SSEP) is to inspire
America's students, create learning opportunities, and enlighten inquisitive
minds by engaging them in the Solar System exploration efforts conducted by
NASA=B9s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). SSEP is managed for JPL by Space
Explorers Inc. (SEI), and the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC).
However, the heart of the program is a nationwide network of highly
motivated educators, who lead workshops for their fellow educators
throughout the country.

The JPL missions and programs involved in SSEP include:

* Cassini Mission to Saturn
* Galileo Mission to Jupiter
* STARDUST Comet Sample Return Mission
* Deep Impact Mission to a Comet
* Mars Exploration
* Outer Planets/Solar Probe Program
* Deep Space Network of ground based antennas
* JPL Space and Earth Science Programs Directorate
* NASA Office of Space Science Solar System Exploration Education and
     Public Outreach Forum.

Solar System Educators are comprised of current K-12 educators and educators
from the informal education community (museums, science centers, learning
centers, planetariums, etc.) with a strong background in teaching science or
math and in teacher training. Solar System Educators receive training at a
four-day, all-expenses paid Institute at JPL in Pasadena, California, and
throughout the year via the Internet.

The Institute consists of:

* lectures from some of the foremost NASA researchers and engineers in
     space science;
* hands-on classroom activities based on current NASA research;
* field trips and tours of JPL locations where actual mission activities
* many other exciting activities to expose educators to the wonder and
     excitement of Solar System Exploration.

Approximately 20 new Solar System Educators will be selected from this
Announcement of Opportunity. These newly selected educators will attend the
SSEP Institute at JPL from August 2-5, 2000.

All Solar System Educators agree to lead educational workshops that reach a
minimum of 100 teachers per year. Solar System Educators will have the
opportunity to partner with the Space Grant Consortia in their state to help
them meet the training workshop requirements. SSEP provides help and limited
grants to encourage and develop these partnerships.

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