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Easter In Deep Space

This holiday weekend we invite you to stop by
and spend a quiet hour reading through the latest on planetary
science and astrobiology in our first edition of "best briefs."

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- Surveyor Blazes Path To Martian Century

Cameron Park - March 15, 2000 - Despite the embarrassing fiasco
of the 1998 Mars probes, the red planet was once again a star
attraction at the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
with a flood of data coming in from Mars Global Surveyor, the
one working Mars spacecraft today.

Galileo's Jovian Dreams

Cameron Park - April 4, 2000 - Bruce Moomaw takes us on a
tour of the comets and asteroids via Io and the Moon - that
made up day two of the LPSC Conference.

- A Surveyor's Chronicles

Cameron Park - April 11, 2000 -
After a quick fly through the rest of Sol, the 31st Annual Lunar
and Planetary Science Conference came back to the subject of Mars
dedicating most of the last two days to a thorough debate over the
latest results from Mars Global Surveyor.

- In The Realm Of Gas Giants

Cameron Park - April 17, 2000 - The inner solar system
is undoubtedly home to life. But whether the outer solar
system harbors life is firmly in dispute as Galileo offers
tantalizing clues as to what might be out Jupiter way.


- Increasing Evidence That Europa Lives

Cameron Park - April 11, 2000 - Last week's First Annual
Conference on Astrobiology saw 600 scientists and over 20
journalists turnout to discuss the possibility of life
(even primitive life) on other worlds.

- Search For Life Won't Be Cheap

Cameron Park - April 17, 2000 - Mars exploration has
turned out to be much more difficult than NASA had
optimistically hoped for in the wake of Pathfinder's
stunning success in 1997. Today, some are questioning
whether the search for life has skewed the program
towards a sample return timetable impossible to meet.

- Europa Orbitor Delayed Until 2010

Cameron Park - April 19, 2000 - Plans to send an orbitor
to the Jovian moon Europa may face further delays mission
scientists in an exclusive interview told SpaceDaily.

Publisher's Note

A burst of incremental motivation is currently rippling
through - if you have any ideas or requests
that would make our service better let us know!

Happy Holidays,

Simon Mansfield

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