SETI bioastro: Whoa! A chance to "teach SETI" to high schoolers!

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Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 07:26:32 PDT

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From: "Cecchini, Ron" <Ron.Cecchini@GD-CS.Com>
Subject: Whoa! A chance to "teach SETI" to high schoolers!
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Um, i've been asked by a friend of mine in NYC who's
a high school biology teacher to give a talk to 2 of
her classes.

All of a sudden i'm overwhelmed, excited ... & a bit
scared. i mean, while i can often give a decent enough
talk, i've never actually "lectured". Also, i don't
want to present myself as some "SETI expert" (she
already knows i'm not, but she's still interested
because she knows of my great interest in all things

i also don't want to misrepresent anyone.

& this would be at the end of May or early June.


There's so much material! So many things to say!

Can someone *please* give me either some pointers to
some "pre-packaged" material that i can look at to get
a feel for what to say to high schoolers, or give me
their ideas on what sorts of things should be covered?

(i'm far to perfectionistic & would end up trying to
 go back to the Big Bang to attempt explaining things!)

...or, quite honestly, if any of you "big names" in
the NYC area would be willing to do something like
this, i'd be more than happy to defer! e.g. i'd
be the faux-guest speaker who introduces the *real*
guest speaker.

The idea would be a 1/2 hour talk, some visuals, &
then a 1/2 Q & A. Something like that.


Cecchini, Ron <Ron.Cecchini@GD-CS.Com>

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