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From: Larry Klaes (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 17:05:18 PDT

Howdy one and all to the BioAstronomy e-mail discussion list,
courtesy of The SETI League (and thanks in particular to Paul
Shuch and Richard Factor).

I hope everyone will find the information to be posted here of use
to you in your bioastronomy and SETI research, or just for your
education about our Universe in general. In my view, SETI cannot
be conducted with completeness without knowing the astronomical,
biological, social, and psychological aspects of our searches.

I have long maintained that searching for life beyond Earth will
be one of the watershed events in human history, and who knows
who or what else we may affect in the process? Life is either a
daring adventure or nothing, to paraphrase Helen Keller. Hiding
on our little world will finish us in the end one way or the
other, so we might as well get out there and know our celestial

For more of my philosophy on the matter, go to this URL:

Hope to read from you all as well!

Best Regards,

Larry Klaes

US Northeast Regional Coordinator for The SETI League

General Coordinator, the Columbus Optical SETI Observatory

Vice President, Boston Chapter of the National Space Society

"In a very real sense this search for extraterrestrial intelligence
is a search for a cosmic context for mankind, a search for who we are,
where we have come from, and what possibilities there are for our
future -- in a Universe vaster both in extent and duration than our
forefathers ever dreamed of."

   - Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CETI),
     Carl Sagan, Editor, 1973, MIT Press, "Introduction", pp. ix-x

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