SETI bioastro: Of cosmic wormholes and natural quantum computing

From: Larry Klaes (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 07:46:51 PDT

No 29 15 April 2000

STAR TREKKING And it's not just here on Earth that the future of travel is
flourishing. Relativity expert Sergei Krasnikov has found a new type of
wormhole which has put intergalactic space travel back on the agenda. These
wormholes will be large and stable enough for people to use and Krasnikov
suspects that there may be some of them left over from the big bang. This is
excellent news for all prospective space invaders. As Krasnikov points out,
"If there is a wormhole connecting the vicinities of the Earth and the star
Vega, one can take a short cut by flying through it."

WE ARE QUANTUM Biology has nothing to do with quantum physics. Or has it?
According to physicist Apoorva Patel, "Computation is nothing but the
processing of information, so we can study what DNA does from the viewpoint
of computer science." Lov Grover of the IBM Research Division is impressed
by Patel's radical proposal that the forces of evolution may have solved the
problem of quantum computing several billion years ago. "The quantum search
scheme he shows is very nice," says Grover. "If true, it is another instance
where nature first figured out how to do things better than us."

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