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Subject: Re: [META] [Rare Earth Discussion] Related article on
  electrochemical analyzer


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> >Underwater sensor sniffs out chemistry at deep-sea vent sites

I've cleaned up the pics for this story and they reveal some interesting
detail with the instruments being deployed.

you can see the reprocessed pixs at

there's an additional report on similar research by the CSIRO that is
linked to from the end of this story.

We also have a report LLNL about their diamond deposition process for
hardening electronics against pressures. Developed, of course, as part of
LLNL's new charter to simulate nuke tests, the technology is nonetheless
quite interesting.

The report is titled
Diamond Deposition Protects Electronics Against Pressure

Several other reports that might be of interest to Europans are;

MIT Team Creates Tiny SPHERES For Space


Ball Gets Hyperspectral


Floating Eyes To Watch Our Climate



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