SETI bioastro: Terrestrial microbes as analogs to alien ones

From: Larry Klaes (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 11:19:54 PDT

Ancient Leftovers May Provide Clues To Early Life

Rochester - April 14, 2000 - Researchers are turning their
attention to the culinary habits of microbes in their search
for a few chemical "crumbs" of evidence of ancient, remote,
and even extra-terrestrial life.

- Deepsea Explorers Sally Forth In Search Of Life

Cairns - April 14, 2000 - A unique scientific mission set
sail today from Cairns on the north Pacific coast of
Australia. The team hopes to plumb the ocean depths in
search of lifeforms that can survive in boiling water and
which dine on minerals containing copper, gold and nickel.

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