SETI bioastro: An interesting way to detect alien life

From: Larry Klaes (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 08:05:23 PDT

This is actually one way that any ETI examining Earth
with a spectroscope could find indications of life on
our planet, as methane is produced by living beings.

So the question is, should we stop cow farts to keep
our planet from overheating, or do we let them continue
in the hope that it will attract the attention of ETI
who want to send beacons to make the initial contact
with humanity? - Larry


>From YAHOO! News, 12 April 2000

Scientists: New Animal Feed Can Cut Global Warming

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists in Scotland said on Wednesday they have
come up with a novel method of reducing global warming.

By adding a bacteria supplement to feed for farm animals such as sheep
and cattle, they said it was possible to cut the amount of methane, a
major greenhouse gas, the animals produce when they break wind.

Preliminary tests of the method, which will be presented at a
conference in France next month, have been promising. "We discovered
that we could cut the amount of methane produced by almost 50 percent
by adding the bacteria Brevibacillus parabrevis," Dr. Jamie Newbold,
of the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, said in a statement.

When Newbold tested the feed in sheep the amount of methane each animal
produced per day fell by an average of about four liters.

If the method is incorporated on a worldwide scale, Newbold estimates
it could reduce methane output by about six percent.


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